Branching of neurons, med-animation

3D animation

3D animation offers enormous advantages in the marketing of medical products. You can demonstrate your products perfectly with a realistic graphic presentation which can be employed to win over customers at congresses, trade fairs, or in the course of training seminars.

The visualization of surgical procedures plays an increasingly important role in patient education. Using 3D animation, patients can have surgical procedures explained to them comprehensively and efficiently. The sequence of events and the methodology used can be presented in such a straightforward manner that even a layman has absolutely no problem in understanding everything clearly.

Product film Bard - 3D animation

Product animation, created for Bard Peripheral Vascular.

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Sorbion AG "Wound dressing" - 3D animation

Visualisation of Hydration Response Technology′s complex functionality.

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nuclear rotation - 3D animation

This visualisation of an eye operation shows the opening and clearing of the capsular bag with the aid of the core rotation procedure.

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DNA - 3D animation

Animated DNA, produced for

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Life without glasses - 3D animation

Implantation of a phakic intraocular lens for vision without glasses.

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bloodstream - 3D animation

Metabolic responses in veterinary medicine.

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