Branching of neurons, med-film

Combination of video and animation

State-of-the-art video technology enables you to present your products in the best possible light. It is furthermore practicable to demonstrate and explain the effects of medication or the functions of medical products in great detail through the use of 3D animation.

In doing so, 3D animation allows objects and functions to be presented from perspectives which would be unattainable if using an actual physical camera.

Everything in the field of medical visualisation is both conceivable and actually possible.

We have, to protect patients rights, removed video footage of surgical operations from our film references.

ZEISS dental microscopes - 3D films

Portrayal of all important features and benefits ZEISS dental microscopes offer.

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ZEISS product film

Highlighting different ZEISS products in action.

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EPI LASIK - 3D films

AMO's EpiBlade

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contact lenses - 3D films

Animation showing the water retention capacity of diverse contact lens materials.

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Knee 12 - 3D films

Animation showing the functionality of a knee replacement (arthroplasty).

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IOL - 3D films

Opti Edge - Light scattering behaviour of certain artificial lens implants.

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